Music Console Reborn

Music Console Reborn is the second rewrite of my command line shell dedicated to just music and videos. You just enter some search terms which may match one of your thousands of files and it gets played in your media player of choice.


  • over 15 built-in commands to get the best out of your multimedia collection
  • name filters for audio, video and module tracker formats
  • advanced search algorithm and filter to find exactly what you want
  • customizable players to play every song and video in the player of your choice
  • command line history for those with a bad memory and lazy typers
  • real-time playlist generator to automatically generate a playlist real quick
  • custom playlist format to create awesome playlists, the sky is the limit
  • shuffle randomly through your entire library
  • play random songs and videos
  • minimalistic and customizable terminal output to avoid unnecessary clutter while you listen to your favorite songs
  • tab completion (auto completion) for metadata, file names and commands
  • input hints for metadata, file names and commands
  • cache mechansim for fast startup times

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Projects Binaries for Linux 64-bit
Projects Binaries for FreeBSD 11.1 64-bit

Disk Usage Reporter

Lightweight Ruby program to observe disk usage and notify when a given quota is reached.


  • specify as many drives to observe as you want
  • set a global quota or override per drive when the user should be notified (default is 5 GB)
  • set an interval in seconds when the program should calculate free disk space (default is 10 minutes)
  • customize the hostname which should show up in reports to keep track of your servers easily (default is [auto] which uses the current hostname of the machine)
  • send e-mail reports or do nothing to test the configuration (log to console)
  • run in foreground for debugging or run as daemon in background for production
  • optimal file logging (not recommended without log rotation)

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PDF Thumbnail Generator

PDF Thumbnail Generator is a small script which utilizes ImageMagick to create thumbnails of PDF files. The thumbnails are meant to be used as visual download buttons and contain a tiny “PDF Download” icon.

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